Privacy Policy

For end consumers using a service provided by Soft2Print.com

Soft2Print.com is a technical service provider helping web sites to offer personalised products. Soft2Print.com do not operate the business towards end consumers but act solely as a technical provider/tool for web sites who offer their service in public.

Soft2Print.com do not authenticate consumers directly but rely on the authentication made in the web shop being visited. Hence, you’re never asked by Soft2Print.com to provide your personal details as a part of the session.

Secure communication

Soft2Print.com use encrypted SSL communication for all services.

Information collected by Soft2Print.com

We collect technical information from your session with Soft2Print.

Soft2Print.com do not allow you to authenticate to Soft2Print.com. Authentication is only made through the web shop you’re visiting and your authentication details are not available for Soft2Print.com

Only personal details transferred through secure communication from the web shop where you authenticated might be stored for technical purposes of offering the product requested.

Technical information collected during your session with Soft2Print.com is IP address, device & browser information, image details, technical project details etc

Usage of your data

Soft2Print.com do not use your data in any other way than acting as a technical service provider for the web shop you’re accessing. Soft2Print.com do not send email, letters or in any other ways contact you directly. Soft2Print.com do not sell, lease or share your data with other parties except the web shop you’re visiting and to the degree necessary to fulfil the order initialised by you.

Using your photos stored at your Google Drive™, Facebook™, Instagram™ or other online storage service providers/social medias

Soft2Print.com offer consumers a feature to access their photos stored at external social medias for creation of personalised products.

Soft2Print.com act solely as a technical provider for the web shop you’re using.

If you decide to access your photos stored at your account at a social media or storage provider you will be asked to grant Soft2Print.com access to documents. You are authentication towards the social media and your authentication details are not available for Soft2Print.com.

By accepting the terms, you grant Soft2Print.com the right to technically access and present your photos stored at the social media for you on your request during your session with the web shop.

No ownership or intellectual property right is transferred or granted to Soft2Print.com

The photos are only used for the purpose of you creating personalised products offered by the web shop you’re using. On your request Soft2Print.com access your photos stored at your selected social media and present these for you and only for you.

  1. If you use your photos in a personalised project which is saved centrally, your used photos will be stored in the central storage of Soft2Print.com
    The stored photos will be assigned a unique anonymous technical file reference. The filename itself is thereby not directly identifiable. Thumbnail versions will have a unique GUID file name. The purpose of the stored photos is solely to enable you technically to reopen the project and enable you to request the services available including ordering the project as a physical product.
  2. The photos remain available as long as your project is stored centrally according to the storage policy defined.
  3. If you decide to purchase a product/project the high-resolution photos will be used for rendering the output files to be used through the workflow of producing the physical product ordered by you.

Through the process the unique key to your external photos are stored encrypted in a central database located in a secured datacentre. The unique key is not made available for third parties in any way and not accessible by the web shop you’re using either.

This information is only available for technicians/developers for the purpose of operating the service.

Your photos are not sold, leased or made available for third parties which are not directly involved in the technical process requested by you.

Except the photos and structures of your centrally stored documents no further user data are accessed.

You have the right to call back the access granted at any time through your Google Drive™, Facebook™, Instagram™ or other online account.

Soft2Print.com is a service provided by Softec ApS, a company registered in Denmark.